Almuftah Group introduces Samsung Galaxy Note II

Almuftah Group has introduced another Samsung device that is expected to become a worldwide hit just like the Samsung Galaxy SIII, the Korean tech giant’s current flagship mobile phone and the most popular smartphone during the second quarter of 2012. The Samsung Galaxy Note II, which was unveiled at the Berlin Radio Show in Germany on Aug. 29, officially hit Qatar's shores on Oct. 4 and is now available at Almuftah Centre.


Critical and customer reception of the Samsung Galaxy Note II has so far been positive, with one tech expert calling its spectacular 5.5-inch high-definition super AMOLED screen “the best that Samsung has ever produced.”


The Samsung Galaxy Note II runs on the new Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system, built with a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, and is powered with a 3100mAh battery for optimum performance.


The device is packed with amazing features, many of which are sure to appeal to people who are always on-the-go:

  • Air View – A feature that allows you to quickly browse through your photos without having to open folders first. It is very convenient and saves a lot of time.
  • Pop Up Note – Need to jot down something while in the middle of a call? Not to worry. Pop Up Note will automatically open when you pull out the S Pen during a call so that you can write on your device! 
  • Quick Command – Write a command on the pad to send an email or text message, to call, to share a meeting location to someone, and many other things. Easy breezy!

In addition to the above features, the Samsung Galaxy Note II has several fantastic expression tools for those who want to get their creative juices flowing:

  • Easy Clip – Click. Trace. Clip. Send. That’s all it takes to include what you want in an email or in messenger, S-Note and Scrapbook.
  • Enhanced Handwriting – Write just like you do on paper! Send handwritten notes via email or jot down notes or memos using the S Planner.
  • Photo Note – Personalise your photos by including handwritten notes on them
  • Enhanced S-Pen and S-Note – Samsung has added more writing tools and note pad templates to match your creative style. 

(Image via Samsung)