Acts of kindness imparted to Almuftah laborers and staff as part of Ramadan

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Laborers and staff from across the various divisions of Almuftah Group have been surprised with random acts of kindness as part of the company’s drive to impart kindness during the holy month of Ramadan.

In this year’s drive, workers from Almuftah Carpentry, Almuftah Polymers, Main Store, Almuftah Fibreglass Products, Almuftah Technical and Service, Almuftah Tires and Lubricants, and Almuftah Window Film where given Arabian sweets to help boost their morale during their late shifts, and that the company Management recognizes their great work and loyalty to the company.

During the surprise visits, Mr. Wael Khalil, Security Manager for the divisions mentioned, coordinated the charitable activity. He was quoted as saying that “especially during this time of Ramadan when the work shifts changes, we recognize the laborer’s commitment to their work by sharing these Arab sweets and also to celebrate Ramadan.”

For his part, Mr. Rami Yarvas, Manager of Human Resources, headed the entire operation. In retrospect, he shared that “as we have been doing this act of kindness for a few years now, and seeing the enlightenment in their faces, we have been encouraged and felt good in ourselves to continue this activity as part of our mission of boosting their morale during the holy month of Ramadan.”