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As part of its corporate social responsibility, Almuftah Group recently awarded retirement benefits to its employees who have served at least a decade with the company.

Company executives presented the award during a Distribution of Benefits formality in its headquarters in Al Saad, Doha. In this year’s batch, the employees’ length of service ranged from 8 years to 23 years.

The recipients of the retirement benefits served under different divisions, including from Almuftah Interiors, Civil Division, and from the Technical and Services Division. Under the scheme, an employee who has served for about a decade or more will receive, in addition to the standard gratuity, a monetary retirement benefit, a certificate, and a token of appreciation. Also, relatives of the retiring employee are welcome to be considered to work with the company.

During the awarding, Mr. Rami Yarvas, HRD Manager of Almuftah Group, said “there will come a point in our lives when we will need to retire from our profession. We are grateful for the loyalty and intensity of your work with Almuftah Group. For the long years of committed services with the company, we salute you–all of you will remain in our hearts. Please receive your retirement benefit and token of appreciation, and have a relaxing and enjoyable retirement with your loved ones back home.”