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Almuftah Group, one of the most established diversified multi-service business groups in Qatar, has participated in National Sport Day, a public holiday that aims to promote fitness among local residents.

Employees and managers from the company organized the major event from their headquarters in Al Saad, Doha, where a briefing on the benefits of regular exercise and sports was discussed to help promote healthy living. The event was also attended by the families of employees who were keen to be part of the national holiday.

Now on its 4th year, Qatar National Sports Day aims to promote sport, physical activities, and healthy diet among the society. Almuftah Group employees enjoyed their share of the national holiday with a march by the bay in Corniche all the way to the Sheraton Hotel and back.

Almuftah Group’s theme “Walk for Health” is aimed at promoting the benefits of brisk walking at least an hour a day. Daily brisk walking helps in achieve a fit lifestyle, resulting in a better mood, strengthening of the bones, managing heart disease and blood pressure, and improving balance and coordination.

A healthy diet, which consists of balanced food like fruits and vegetables, controls body weight, helps moderate stress hormones, boosts productivity and good mood, improve skin, and help avoid diseases to prolong life expectancy.