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As the effects of global warming and climate change becomes evident, various governmental and non-governmental organizations, scientists and engineers are constantly coming up with ways to reduce harmful carbon emissions and greenhouse gases which is being emitted into the atmosphere.

To standardize these efforts, an international treaty known as the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer was international agreed in 1987. It is designed to protect the ozone layer by phasing out the production of numerous substances that are responsible for ozone depletion. The treaty provides a timetable on which the production of those substances must be phased out and eventually eliminated.

In compliance with the Montreal Protocol, air-conditioner manufacturers have developed a new type of refrigerant gas known as the R410 standard. R410 is more environment-friendly than the previous R22 refrigerant standard in that it has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and consumes less energy.

Developed countries are already implementing the R410 standard. In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has already implemented the new refrigeration standard as well. As such, companies like Sharp have already started introducing them in their line of new air conditioners.


Sharp’s new AH-A18EZN2 and AH-A24EZN2 split-type air conditioners both implement the new R410 refrigerant gas thus making them safe for the environment and saves on energy usage. Being entirely new designs, these units benefit from various improvements, including lesser noise from the unit, a wider air at 100˚ angle, and a wider and more flexible louver movement for the best air-conditioning comfort.

These units are also more service-friendly as they are built with fewer parts for easier servicing. A safety terminal board is provided to avoid fire accidents, while strong anti-corrosion metal parts ensure the air conditioners will last a long time.

Sharp’s engineering team is always committed to the improvement of the air-conditioning units to provide their valued customers products with the latest technology. The air-conditioning industry is currently going through important changes: government and individuals are realizing they need to have products with high energy-efficiency ratio to save on electricity consumption. While doing so, products should be environment-friendly.

As new refrigeration regulations are likely to cover the entire Middle East soon, it is advisable for contractors to think ahead and adopt the new units with R410 gas. Investing in this new type of air conditioner is an economical decision as well since they are designed to have a longer service life. They will be available very soon for the Qatar market through Almuftah Trading showrooms in Al Saad, Airport Road, and Abu Hamour showrooms.

Being an exclusive distributor for Sharp products in Qatar, Almuftah Group heavily invests in improving its customer service by conducting regular seminars for its Technical and Services Division.

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